Sustainability is an important part of our philosophy here at F&F, so it was vital when looking for production partners that we found common ground on not only environmental issues but also the welfare of staff throughout the production line.

We are proud to be able to offer eco friendly product ranges, including REACH-compliant canvases; sustainably sourced wood and paper; vegan friendly, water based inks and eco solvent inks; and GOTS organic cotton clothing.

Our packaging uses recycled and plastic-free materials where possible. When plastic is the safest way to protect your order during shipping we may include biodegradable OPP bags and/or bubble wrap that can be recycled at special collection points.

Shipping is a huge part of the human impact on our environment resulting in 7% of all carbon emissions globally, so we have ensured our production partners have a localised, global print and distribution network.  This not only allows for fast shipping, but helps minimise our C02 output.

Should you choose to pay using our provider's Shop Pay service a contribution is made by them towards WeForest an organisation dedicated to restoring the ecological integrity of forests and landscapes.

Finally, our suppliers are committed to supporting fair trade across their network including fair labour, sustainable standards and seek to promote ethical procurement.